The company shows its human face



Dorel Juvenile is a company where you can enjoy yourself; an international company that moves smoothly and quickly. I worked for 8 years in a large multinational cosmetics company. In that setting you notice that the size of the company can hold you back because the company is immersed in intricate processes and policies. Here, I feel the sense of entrepreneurship and the ability to change, react, and adapt.


I’ve been working at Dorel Juvenile for a few years now and the experience has surpassed my expectations. I give the company my expertise and knowledge in the field of marketing and, in return, they give me the feeling that everything is possible. I feel driven to be creative and inventive in many ways. I started in small nursery, a business unit dedicated to one category. There I worked with all the brands, and that made my job so diverse. Each brand is different and requires a different approach.


Currently I manage our Maxi-Cosi and Bébé Confort brand on a global level. With my team I try to take both brands with strong equity and heritage to the next level.


I’m getting close to my dream job, but, most importantly, here at Dorel Juvenile I feel appreciated. The company shows its human face, and that makes work easy and enjoyable and produces a good team spirit.


Favourite film: "That must be Pulp Fiction – a film which marked my life."

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Senior Design Engineer