A good car seat can save a child´s life



After just a few months in this job, I knew I wanted to work here for a long time. In my previous jobs, I needed to move every few years because I lacked a challenge or didn’t have enough contact with the employer. Here, I genuinely see myself working for a long time.


It’s funny how I came to work here. I was working for one of Dorel Juvenile’s suppliers and I was enthusiastic about them as a customer. When I found out they had an engineering vacancy, I applied. For most of my career, I’ve worked in the field of injection molding and other methods of processing plastic. In my current role as Project Engineer this experience is an advantage.


As an Industrial Engineer, I operate as a spill in the engineering process. Where the concept engineer delivers an idea of a construction, I’m the one who dives into the technical solution at the deep end. I have to consider what kind of mechanical connection we’re going to use and which suppliers we’re going to work with. I merge all the tools into one product. I like the fact that I contribute to a final product. It gives me more satisfaction compared to creating the technical drawing of a mould, as I used to do in previous jobs. And, of course, safety is essential. That is our most important consideration as engineers. I travel to France about once a month where we have our own crash test centre to test our car seats. There you see how well-constructed car seats can save a child’s life. I now ensure that my own children are even more secure in the car than before I worked at Dorel Juvenile. I know what can make the difference.


I had high expectations when I started because I was enthusiastic about tDorel Juvenile as a result of my previous job when they were a customer. As an employer, they have met all my expectations. I always say that Dorel Juvenile has the benefits of a multinational, but is still essentially a small business where people are important. The organisation is experiencing a growth spurt. That creates scope for improvements in some aspects of the organisational process. This is a challenge, but also a great opportunity. If I can enhance a process, I have complete freedom to implement my suggestions and you see how your suggestions become the standard. I hope to grow further in my field as an engineer to a senior engineer or perhaps a concept engineer. When you have 25 years of experience, ambition becomes less of a priority because I have already achieved so much. Yet here at Dorel Juvenile there are enough technical challenges and if you are willing to take them on, you know for sure Dorel Juvenile will give them to you.


Favourite sport: Twice a week, I take up my racket for a good game of squash.


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