Development is all around with Tiny Love’s new Inspiral Collection

Wondering, playing and exploring – all essential to thrive babies’ development. The new Inspiral Collection of Tiny Love puts learning literally in babies’ hands. The swirled spiral structure contains stimulating activities, shapes and textures inside, that promote natural growth and development.



Tiny Love helps parents in creating an encouraging environment in which a baby feels free to dare, experiment and express. The Inspiral is a perfect addition to this playground. Karin Schifter-Maor, VP of Marketing assures: “Every aspect of the Inspiral had been designed with babies’ natural development in mind. The swirled innovative spiral structure allows babies to reach and explore the toys inside out. The toys are filled with countless activities, stimulating babies to learn while having fun!”


Stimulating and fun-filled toy
The Inspiral collection includes two different developmental toys, in four colors. Both Inspirals have an innovative roll-back design, so they remain close to baby for hours of enjoyment, development and fun, and are filled with activities to improve cognition and motor skills.




Check for more information the Tiny Love website.

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