Dorel Juvenile Australia partners in car seat recycling trial program to support nationwide roll out

Did you know that at least 90 per cent of materials contained in a car seat are recyclable? Despite that, there are currently limited opportunities to recycle child car seats in Australia. Several seat manufacturers - including Dorel Juvenile -, automotive associations, local councils, recyclers and community groups wanted to change that and came up with a special recycling trial program.


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It is very important to remove worn and potentially unsafe seats from the market by replacing them with child restraints that meet current safety standards. So every year, many child car seats are disposed of, simply because these are at end-of-life. However these old seats may still contain materials that can be recycled. The car seat recycling trial program runs in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and aims to develop a widely supported and structural approach for dealing with end-of-life car seats. 


Australia's national broadcaster ABC created a feature item on the Victoria trial to promote a nationwide roll out. In the item, Linda Stocco, Sales Account Manager at Dorel Juvenile, explains the importance of recycling material of car seats to secure safe usage of seats while at the same time taking care of our environment. 



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