Dorel Juvenile's Sustainability agenda reaches the heart

Dorel Juvenile Europe's Innovation Director Mark Schrooten found himself in good company as one of the speakers on the Sustainable Brands 2015 Conference in London. Companies from all over the world gathered here to share their plans to make a positive impact on our planet and safeguarding it for our next generations. Fits in seamlessly with Dorel Juvenile Europe's Sustainability Strategy and mission: We Care for Precious Life.

Mark_web smallMark Schrooten, Innovation Director



Second life services

Mark was invited to join a panel discussion on circular economy, a strong driver of our sustainability strategy. He described the journey Dorel Juvenile Europe took on when realizing that there is a valuable alternative to the economically fully optimized linear model. "Circular solutions can bring convenience to consumers and reduce our overall need for resources in ways that linear models cannot. To get there, we have to reinvent ourselves from the inside out. Taking small steps, by carefully piloting second life services. After all, we are caring for people's loved ones". Adding a positive side-effect: "In a circular economy, we can take more control over our products, which is especially important when you want to give parents that secure feeling, when using our products."


Reach the heart

"Regardless of your sustainability agenda, any company ready for the future has to make sure the products and services align with your mission. Our story reaches the consumers at their hearts and holds a level of innovation, meeting their modern needs for convenience and safety. This will increase the interest from both business investors, retailers and parents."


Slideshow Dorel Juvenile Europe at Sustainable Brands London

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