"Proud to be leading the future"

Dorel Juvenile squareBy Nicolas Duran, President and CEO of Dorel Juvenile

I am very proud and honored to have been given the responsibility of leading the most passionate team in the industry.


In my role, my objective is to simplify the way we operate, while challenging and reshaping Dorel Juvenile into a consumer centric organization.


At the center of this is effort is our promise – we care for precious life. 


It’s a pledge which allows no room for error.


Therefore, we must reemphasize our commitment to lead in the future of Child Safety through the products and services we deliver. 


We must keep driving innovation and embrace collaboration.


We are a family that is 7000+ strong and dedicated, every day, to thinking about solutions that give parents peace of mind.


In doing so, we must continue to cultivate a connection with our consumers, so that they understand our commitment to them.


In the process, we will ensure that our brands stay relevant and successful, no matter what the market throws at us.


The transformation started exactly one year ago, positive momentum is building, we are now playing offence.


Let’s go!




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